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Luise Brinkmann Posts

Christmas time with ZITTERINCHEN

The time has come: Our fairy tale, ZITTERINCHEN, that I directed in 2021 for Kinderfilm (today Mideu) from Erfurt, will celebrate its TV premiere this Christmas! As part of the series “Sechs auf einen Streich” ZITTERINCHEN will stream on December 25th 2022 at 2:40pm on ARD. From December 19th on, the film is also available in the ARD Mediathek. If you still need a Christmas present for your loved ones, you can get the film on DVD as well.
More info about the film can be found on my website (just click here).

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Look what Santa Claus brought this year! Just in time for this year’s Christmas season, Amazon has released our film A LAST HURRAH (original title: AUF UND ABLEBEN). To watch the black comedy about the Brandt family, that wants to celebrate Christmas together once more despite their bereavement, just check out Amazon UK / US or in Germany.

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Our 21-day online coaching program for actors, directors and artists is going into it’s next round. The program starts on November 7, 2022 and Early Bird access is available until October 17, 2022. Registration is now possible via Teresa Harder. Just click here!
(The program is currently only available in German.)

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Herzkino the First & the Second

After 36 exciting days of shooting with a wonderful cast and crew, I’m currently in the final stages of post-production for a new series on ZDF’s Herzkino. It will be called MALIBU and it is also my Herzkino premiere. I am very happy and proud to have worked it together with my cinematographer, Fee Scherer, and editor, Maren Unterburger. The collaboration with producer, Sabine Jaspers, and producer, Tobias Ketelhut, from Network Movie Hamburg, as well as Anika Kern as editor for ZDF has been inspiring and always directed towards a common, beautiful goal. I am looking forward to presenting you the two feature films starring Karla Nina Diedrich and Tom Radisch and many other great colleagues!

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TV Premiere – SE Episode 1018

This year’s SCHLOSS EINSTEIN’s block ends with episode number 1018, which features a very confusing love story, a birthday surprise and two best friends. Check it out on 8 March 2022 at 14:35 on KIKA.
It’s Joyce’s birthday – a special day, because her mother wants to visit. Now it’s time to wait. And at the end of the day Joyce’s expectations are really exceeded by a surprise. Nesrin also surprises Badu, while Annika pursues a plan of her own. Reena wants to devote herself to a captivating idea of the theater module, but is literally stuck in it.

The episode is of course also available to watch online in the KIKA media center.

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