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Sunday, March 24 is going to be the day! My romantic comedy, YOUR PERFECT YEAR, opens this year’s “Herzkino” season on ZDF. The film will air at the best time at 8:15 pm – prime time movie! One week earlier, from Saturday, March 16th, on the film will be available in the ZDF streaming platform (here). You can find more information about the movie on my site and the German press kit of ZDF here. Have a look!

*photo by Georges Pauly

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Directing & Staging at ifs in Cologne

On March 9th, I was invited to direct at the open day of the International Film School Cologne. Having studied directing there myself between 2012 and 2016, I was now able to show current students how much fun directing can be. During a staging exercise, I worked with two great actors, including Christian Hockenbrink from MALIBU. Mathis Hanspach – also an ifs graduate – was my DOP now and then, when we studied together and made films like BEAT BEAT HEART, A LAST HURRAH and many more. What a nice reunion!
At the director’s talk afterwards, I answered questions about my career to a packed room of aspiring directors. Thank you very much for the invitation!

*Photo by Lia Elias

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Seven Answers for BLICKPUNKT:FILM

Frank Heine from BLICKPUNKT:FILM (SPOTLIGHT:FILM, one of the biggest film magazines in Germany) has asked me seven questions. You can find my answers in the October 17th, 2023 issue. The (German) article is also linked on my website under “Press” and “About me”.

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About dreaming and making plans

After 21 wonderful days of shooting on great locations, with magical scenes, awesome actors and an astonishing team at my side, I’m looking forward to the “perfect” cut of my third feature film this year. Luckily, my or rather YOUR PERFECT YEAR continues now in the edit suite, after I’ve shot it for Bavaria Fiction & ZDF. Here’s a nice photo from the set with part of my main cast: Anneke Kim Sarnau and Stefan Jürgens. (Photo © Georges Pauly)

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A story about KISSES and FROGS

There’s a great new love in my fourth episode of the successful TV-series MALIBU.
MALIBU #4 – KISS THE FROG will soon be available in the Mediathek. Linear and live screening will be possible via ZDF on Sunday 22nd October 2023 at 20:15 pm.
Next to Karla Nina Diedrich (as Jantje) and our campers, Dennenesch Zoudé and Karl Seibt also joined the main cast, next to other great colleagues.

Click here for the trailer of season 2!

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My perfect year continues with a third wonderful feature film shoot. In this case, it is an adaptation of the novel YOUR PERFECT YEAR by Charlotte Lucas. Filming will take place from mid-September to mid-October in Hamburg with an already enchanting cast and great team. YOUR PERFECT YEAR is a production of Bavaria Fiction on behalf of ZDF and is editorially supervised by Katharina Görtz. The screenplay is by Bert Koß. Director of Photography is Philip Jestädt. Producer is Doris Zander, junior producer is Hannah Liebrenz. The film will be magically beautiful. Keep your eyes open for it!

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This summer, there is a chance to see ZITTERINCHEN on the big screen again! The International Fairy Tale Film Festival in Annaberg-Buchholtz will once again enchant the children and adult audience between July 5 – 7 with my beautiful fairy tale. Don’t miss it!

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MALIBU Season 2

MALIBU, the successful primetime series, will start into it’s second season soon. This year, I will be directing two more of the three new features about the campsite at Lake Plön, Germany. We are already in preproduction, starting filming in the next days. Can’t wait for our SISTERHEARTS and a new love in KISS THE FROG.

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