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TV movie | novel adaptation
Germany | 2023 / 2024

A special calendar, that falls into the wrong hands, is the starting signal for a turbulent romantic comedy starring Anneke Kim Sarnau and Stefan Jürgens. As director, I staged this heartfelt movie based on the screenplay by Bert Koß, who adapted the the bestselling novel by Charlotte Lucas.

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Fun-loving Hannah leaves her lovingly designed calendar on a park bench – along with the highly personal entries in it – dates and plans, with which she wants to rekindle her relationship with Simon. The reclusive but fascinating publisher Jonathan discovers the book. Touched by its creativity, he tries to track down the owner.

Jonathan struggles to run his father’s publishing house, after he falls ill with dementia. He is unable to build on the great successes of the past and the tasks pile up on his desk. In his search for the owner of the calendar, he takes note of the dates entered.

Jonathan soon finds himself at quirky concerts, choir lessons and in strange restaurants and realizes, how slowly the joie de vivre he thought he had lost is being revived.

From then on, Hannah and Jonathan’s paths miraculously cross – at first without knowing about their connection through the calendar.

Slowly, the two find each other and things begin to sizzle between them – until Hannah realizes that Jonathan knew much more than he had let on. When Simon also disappears and it becomes clear that he has been carrying a secret of his own, Hannah is deeply preoccupied with one question: what does true love mean to her? She is faced with a difficult decision.

Production Design
Costume Design
Editor ZDF

Bert Koß
Luise Brinkmann
Philip Jestädt
Matti Falkenberg
Biber Gullatz, Lukas Kiedaisch
Andrea Steinlandt
Anette Schröder
Doris Zander
Hannah Liebrenz
Katharina Görtz

A ZDF commissioned production of Bavaria Fiction GmbH

© Georges Pauly
with Stefan Jürgens & Anneke Kim Sarnau
© Georges Pauly