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Germany | 2014
16:9 | Stereo | 1 Season, 6 Episodes

with: Nicole Fornoff, Janine Marold, Enea Lanzarone u.v.m.

Comedy web series by and with Nicole Fornoff

A clumsy twenty-something in search of a job, an apartment and a boyfriend accidentally ends up in the shared apartment of her teenage crush and tries to get her life back on track.

Emma is in her mid-twenties, a few pounds overweight and one fiancé short. She has just caught him cheating with his stepsister and is already single and looking for an apartment in Berlin. She’s also out of a job, because her ex was also her boss. By chance, Emma ends up in the flat-share of her boyhood sweetheart Tom, who wants to get Emma back on her feet, when there are no women moaning in his bed. Emma’s best friend, Julia, motivates her to look for a job and also turns out to be a self-convinced matchmaker. If Emma only knew, whether Tom and all the women are really dating and what she really wants from him… But she can’t really think about that, because suddenly her ex is standing in front of her again.


  • Best Dramedy at Kwebfest Seoul 2017
  • Best German Webseries at the Webfest Berlin 2015
  • Best Actress (Nicole Fornoff / Emma) at the Sicily Webfest 2016
  • Best Actress / Comedy (Nicole Fornoff / Emma) at DubWebFest 2016


  • Best Director at Seoul Webfest 2017
  • Best Screenplay at Seoul Webfest 2017
  • Best Actress at Seoul Webfest 2017
  • Best web series in all genres at Seoul Webfest 2017.
  • Blue Flower Film Award – The Romance Award 2017 for episode 5 ‘Date Night’.
  • Best International Series at Raindance Webfest 2014 (World Premiere).
  • Best International Webseries at the International Online Web Fest 2015 IOWF.
  • Best Screenplay at the DubWebFest 2016
  • Best Actress (Nicole Fornoff / Emma) at DubWebFest 2016.
  • Best Foreign Language Web Series at the NYC Web Fest 2016


Seoul Web Fest 2017 * NYC Web Fest 2016 * UK Webfest 2016 * DubWebFest 2016+ * Roma Webfest 2016 * Wendie Webfest Hamburg 2016 * Miami Webfest 2016 * Sicily Webfest 2016 * Seriale 2016 * T.O. Webfest 2016 * IOWF 2015 * Raindance Webfest 2014 * and others.

Staffel 1 – Episode 1: Homeless, Jobless and Single

Emma discovers that her fiancé is cheating on her. She throws him out of the apartment they share, only to discover that it is actually his apartment. After that, she also has to quit, because he is also her boss. Single, homeless and looking for work, she tries to reorganize her life.

Staffel 1 – Episode 2: Chocolate is healthier than you think

Chocolate is healthier than you think. But whether it also helps, when you really need to find a job again?

Staffel 1 – Episode 3: Girls Night In

Girls’ night out at Emma’s. What could be better? Or creepier?

Staffel 1 – Episode 4: Callboy!

What exactly does Tom do for a living? Is he a hit man or a call boy? To find out, Emma and Julia follow Tom through Berlin.

Staffel 1 – Episode 5: Date Night

Julia thinks Emma should finally jump back into the saddle. And what better way to do that than with a blind date. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go quite as planned, but why give up? All good things come in threes, as we all know!

Staffel 1 – Episode 6: The Beginning of the End

Tom is somehow different. Julia drags Emma and Tom to a party, where Emma promptly runs into her ex-fiancé and his new one. The encounter is like a slap in the face. All that’s left is alcohol, and some of it. Chaos is inevitable.