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Germany | 2016
1:1.85 | 5.1 | 86 Min
Writer | Co-Producer | Director

A playful romantic has been actively waiting for the return of the love of her life for months – when suddenly her newly separated mother moves in with her in midlife crisis and confronts her with newfangled love concepts and life wisdom in the course of her self-discovery.

Kerstin believes wholeheartedly in true love and has been waiting for months for the return of her ex-boyfriend Thomas. She has made herself comfortable in sugar-coated memories, when suddenly her mother Charlotte appears at the door and wants to move in with her. Because Mom accidentally broke up with her partner in her mid-50s and now doesn’t know where to go. That the two women couldn’t be more different in how they deal with their longing becomes clear at the latest, when Charlotte is unceremoniously inspired by Kerstin’s flatmate to meet new men via an app and bring them straight home with her. Kerstin’s pleasant daydreams are now interrupted more and more frequently by reality, in which true love has become a hopeless coincidence.


* New German Cinema Award 2016: Special Price for Ensemble Spirit and Energy


* New German Cinema Award Nomination for Best Director, Best Production, Best Writer, Best Acting at the 34th Munich Film Festival 2016 * FIPRESCI Award at the 34th Munich Film Festival 2016 * KINEMA Award at the 30th Braunschweig International Film Fest 2016 * Best Narrative Feature at the Slamdance Film Festival 2017 in Utah, USA * Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Production, Best Acting at the Achtung Berlin new berlin film award 2017 (also opening film) * Best Narrative Feature at the Indie Street Film Festival 2017 in New Jersey, USA


Indie Street Film Festival 2017, Achtung Berlin 2017 (opening film), Women’s Film Festival 2017, Max Ophüls Preis 2017, Slamdance Film Festival 2017 (international premiere), 8th Heimspiel Filmfest Regensburg 2016, 30th Braunschweig International Filmfest 2016, Film Festival Cologne 2016, 34th Filmfest München 2016 (world premiere).


AUGSBURG – Savoy, BERLIN – City Kino Wedding, BERLIN – Kino Zukunft, BERLIN – Ladenkino, BERLIN – Lichtblick Kino Berlin, BERLIN – SPUTNIK KINO, BOCHOLT – KINODROM, BREMEN – CITY46, BRÜHL – ZOOM Kino, CELLE – Kino 8 1/2, DRESDEN – Kino im Dach, ERFURT – Kinoklub am Hirschlachufer, FRANKFURT AM MAIN – Harmonie & Cinema: Arthouse Kinos Frankfurt, FREIBURG – Friedrichsbau Freiburg, HAMBURG – Metropolis Kino Hamburg, HAMM – Cineplex Hamm, HANNOVER – Kommunales Kino Hannover, HALLE – Luchs Kino Halle, HALLE – Zazie Kino, GAUTING – Kino Breitwand Gauting, KIRCHLENGERN – Kommunales Kino, KÖLN – Filmpalette Köln, LÜBECK – Kommunales Kino Lübeck, MANNHEIM – Cinema Quadrat, MÜNCHEN – Neues Rottmann Kino, MÜNSTER – Cinema & Kurbelkiste Münster, NÜRNBERG – Casablanca Filmkunsttheater Nürnberg, OELDE – Filmzentrum Oelde / Kino am Rathaus, OFFENBACH – Hafenkino – das Kino im HAFEN 2 Open Air (nur 5.Mai), OLDENBURG – Cine k – Das Kino in der Kulturetage, PFORZHEIM – Kommunales Kino, ROSTOCK – LiWu – Lichtspieltheater Wundervoll