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About me

Born in 1985 in North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, I have been making films since childhood. First it was my father’s camera, that I filmed birthdays with or shot little films with my sisters. Or the two VHS-recorders, that I tape-to-tape edited my favourite TV-shows. At the age of 16, I got my first own DV-camera and a computer based editing program. I took my first film classes at John Abbott College in Canada in 2001 and also during my A levels in Germany. During this time, I was already working at the public television station and our local theatre, doing video installations for plays. After A levels I did a three years apprenticeship as a Media and Sound Designer, while taking additional workshops and classes at Filmhaus Bielefeld or Münster. After that, I moved to Berlin and gained different experiences in all the areas of film production. I worked on the set of a German family series, as an editor’s assistent for an award winning documentary. And I stayed with ARRI Media in Berlin for a couple of years, working on German and international cinema and television films in postproduction. Additionally, I was taking classes in acting and playing improv theatre for a couple of years. While writing and directing my own films in my free time, screening them on festivals worldwide. A couple of my films have also been released on DVD and VoD worldwide.
With a Diploma of Higher Education in Filmproduction & Directing after studying in England, I moved to Cologne in 2012. Here, I studied Film Directing (BA) at the IFS international filmschool cologne and graduated with my first feature film. BEAT BEAT HEART (2016) celebrated it’s premiere at the Filmfest Munich the same year and travelled the world after (e.g. to Slamdance Filmfestival 2017).
I am currently working on my next feature films. Also, I am showing my latest movie A LAST HURRAH (2020, original title: AUF UND ABLEBEN) at festivals. And I am working as a coach and teacher for actors and directors (often with a focus on improvisation for film).

I am member of ProQuote Film and I am represented as a director by Agentur Adam.