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Germany | 2022
Season 1 – Episodes 1 + 2 à 90 minutes
Season 2 – Episodes 3 + 4 à 90 minutes

A production of Network Movie Hamburg on behalf of ZDF.
(Trailer: For English subtitles click “CC” next to the volume symbol.)

“Camping for Beginners” (Ep1) Jantje is a nurse in Hamburg. Her work-life balance hasn’t been right for a while. Her family runs routinely, but her job robs her of all her energy, so she has somehow lost herself. The “Malibu” campground on Lake Plön, which her husband Stefan unexpectedly inherits, gives her hope again. Admittedly, the campsite has already seen its best days and is not quite what she had imagined. The alternative lifestyle that Jantje embarks on brings to light desires, secrets and dreams that she herself didn’t know she had. Can her husband keep up with this new Jantje? (ZDF)

“A Tent for Three” (Ep2) Jantje and Stefan have decided to take over the ailing campsite “Malibu”. Ex-nurse Jantje is sure: The idyllic camping site “Malibu” in Holstein Switzerland is the key to her new life. With all her strength, she wants to make the ailing site fit for the future in harmony with nature. If only her husband Stefan were by her side. Because the whole family is having a hard time with the long-distance relationship. Jantje invests in the “Malibüdchen,” a small store that is supposed to bring in money. Unfortunately, the fact that the building permit for the project had long since expired had escaped her in Martin’s note bequest. Jacob Bernstein, of all people, who admires Jantje for her commitment, has to tell her that she will have to tear everything down again.

“Sister Hearts” (Ep3) Jantje and Stefan want to make “Malibu” the best campsite in Germany. When Jantje’s sister, management consultant Merle, comes to visit, the perfect help seems to have been found.

“Kiss the Frog” (Ep4) The expansion of “Malibu” is not under a good star: A biology teacher who is a guest at the campsite finds an endangered species of toad in the bank reeds. She sets heaven and hell into motion to protect the toad’s habitat, while finding something else, she has never expected to find.

Karla Nina Diedrich, Tom Radisch, Lewe Wagner, Nicola Mastroberardino, Clea Eden, Heiko Pinkowski, Susi Banzhaf, Christian Hockenbrink, Luka Omoto, Philippa, Katja Studt, Alexander Wipprecht, Julia Buchmann, Joy Ewulu, Oceana Mahlmann, Julia Nachtmann, Charlotte, Matteo, Carolin Spieß, Karen Böhme, Kailas Mahadevan, Julia Brand, Lisa Marie Trense, Arne-Carlos Böttcher und Pingo Magduschewski und als Gäste Valerie Niehaus und Kai Schumann, Anja Knauer, Dennenesch Zoudé, Karl Seibt, Andrea Guo, Bjarne Meisel, Bianca Nawrath, Luna Baptiste, and many more

Production: Network Movie Hamburg, Sabine Jaspers
Producer: Tobias Ketelhut
Editorial Office ZDF: Anika Kern
Director: Luise Brinkmann
Writer: Jenny Maruhn, Jörg Tensing
DOP: Fee Scherer
Produktion Management: Andrea Bockelmann
Production Design: Kim Porr
Casting: Heidrun Petersen
Costume Design: Yvonne Lehmann
Make-Up: Ruth Ute Wagner, Richard Niermann
Gaffer: Marco Wilde
Editing: Maren Unterburger
Music: Ingo Ludwig Frenzel, Felix Raffel
Sound: Joern Martens
*Photo Copyright ZDF / Givaga